Call for nominations for UNCCD CSO panel member for Africa


To all the representatives of the CSOs accredited to the UNCCD
Subject: Nominations for the UNCCD CSO panel

I would like to make reference to decisions 5/COP.9, 5/COP.10, 5/COP.11 and 5/COP12, which establishes the procedures for the participation of civil society organizations in meetings and processes of the UNCCD and additional mechanisms and procedures to select candidates by the eligibility criteria.

According to the decisions, the Executive Secretary shall convene a UNCCD CSO Panel consisting of two representatives from the secretariat and one representative from civil society organizations from countries belonging to each of the five United Nations Regional Groups of Member States.

The elections will follow a twostep process (i) nomination of the candidates (ii) election of the panel members among the candidates.
In compliance with the above-mentioned provisions and the discussions with the current panel, the secretariat would like to request the representatives accredited civil society organizations to submit nominations of candidates for the elections as representatives for the CSO panel. Each organization can only nominate a candidate.

According to the procedures for the elections, organizations wishing to nominate themselves as candidates for the CSO panel should submit to the UNCCD secretariat the following documents:

(i)        Completed Nomination Form.
(ii)        A letter signed by the Chairman/President of the organization confirming the CSOs commitment to undertake the tasks of the panel if elected.
(iii)        A document describing the experience of the organization and its experience related to the UNCCD.
(iv)        A work plan (maximum 300 words) expressing how the candidate intends to carry out the responsibilities as panel member for the next two years
(v)        Name and qualifications of the designated member proposed as panel member.
(vi)        Annual report and accounts for the most recent year.
(vii)        A list of members of the board/management Committee and name and contact details of the Chair of board and most senior staff member.The eligibility for an organization and candidate shall be verified on the basis of the following requirements:
·        Submission of required documents
·        Period of operations of at least 3 years
·        Executive staff and experience in program/project implementation,
·        Accredited organization and member of an existing network (
·        Sound financial and accounting systems.Representative
·        Senior person with experience of management and policy issues
·        Fluent in written and spoken English. Following standard practice and the specific needs of the regions, for representatives of the African and Latin American and the Caribbean Group the candidate should also be fluent in French and Spanish respectively.
·        Familiar with the UNCCD-related matters

Please submit your nominations sending the scanned form via e-mail to  before 2nd of February 2016 12 GMT. Notification of the results of this process will be given through the UNCCD Web site.

We would like to thank you in advance for your active participation in the UNCCD implementation.

Sincerely yours,

Marcos Montoiro


Marcos Montoiro

NGO and Civil Society Liaison Officer
UNCCD Secretariat

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